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One Day Bathtub Refinishing is located in San Jose, California and we focus mostly on the South San Francisco Bay Area.


San Jose Countertop Refinishing

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San Jose Countertop Refinishing

Are your bathroom & kitchen countertops ready for an update? Instead of completely replacing your countertops, consider countertop refinishing in San Jose from One Day Bathtub Refinishing.

We have a solution for countertop refinishing which closely resembles granite, and for a fraction of the price. Instead of undergoing the costly removal and replacement process, let alone paying for the granite, we can work with the existing structure to repair and refinish what is already there.

The first step of the countertop refinishing process is selecting your shade from our various sample choices. Depending on the material of your existing countertops, the final color may vary slightly, but our staff should be able to give you a good idea of what you can expect.

Countertop Refinishing Color Options

Countertop Refinishing Color Options

One Day Bathtub Refinishing is one of a few local companies which perform this service, and we have not only been heavily trained in the skill of countertop refinishing, but we have also perfected the skill through numerous local projects in the South Bay, including San Jose, Santa Clara, Fremont and more.

Countertop refinishing is a can be a great way to revitalize an old bathroom or kitchen, especially if you are considering putting your home up for sale.

One Day Bathtub Refinishing has been the bath and kitchen refinishing choice for a number of Bay Area real estate professionals, and we frequently work on short notice on homes that have been recently purchased, or about to go on the market. If you are looking to rehab a property, refinishing surfaces, tubs & showers, if possible, is a great cost saving option.

Living with ugly kitchen and bathroom cabinets is a choice, and so is choosing to refinish. Make the right one, and call us today to discuss countertop refinishing in San Jose at (408) 940-1025.

Santa Clara Bathtub & Sink Refinishing

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Santa Clara Bathtub & Sink Refinishing

One Day Bathtub Refinishing frequently works with homeowners in Santa Clara to refinish and reglaze bathtubs, sinks, shower pans, and more.

If your tub or sink looks old and suffers from chipping, cracking, rusting or staining from years of use, we can help bring it back to life.

Our refinishing service can help you update your bathroom quickly, and at a portion of the price of tub or sink replacement.

Frequently, we get requests for refinishing colored tubs, who have lost their luster or just look dated. On the other hand, if you are trying to match your tub or sink in your Santa Clara home, we can also refinish with a specific color in mind.

If you are considering reglazing your tub, take a look at our Bath Before and After Photos to get an idea of how your old porcelain or fiberglass tub can look brand new within 24 hours.

We also now offer the Granite Look for Santa Clara kitchens and bathroom counter-tops, vanities, and more. Get the look of granite for a fraction of the price, without major construction head-aches.


Santa Clara bathtub refinishing

Have questions about Santa Clara bathtub refinishing? Check out our refinishing FAQs or contact us today at (408) 940-1025 or by email today.

Countertop Refinishing – The Granite Look

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Countertop Refinishing – The Granite Look

The Granite-Look from One Day Bathtub Refinishing is a great way to update the look of your countertops for a fraction of the price. Rather than completely replacing your countertops in order to get granite, you can now refinish your existing countertops to mimic the look of granite.

One Day Bathtub Refinishing will come to your home and refinish your kitchen or bathroom countertops in a few hours.

Select the color to match your existing colors, or redo your entire kitchen with new colors, starting with granite-like countertops

Please call One Day Bathtub Refinishing to learn more about countertop refinishing at (408) 940-1025