Palo Alto Bathtub Refinishing

One Day Bathtub Refinishing has worked with a number of Palo Alto homeowners and real estate professionals to revitalize and repair old and damaged bathtubs. If you have an older, yet completely functional tub, our refinishing service is exactly what you need!

As a bathtub ages, wear and tear, including color loss and fading, chipping and more are completely normal. Instead of living with this unsightliness, and worse, allowing these minor issues to grow into bigger ones, consider refinishing your tub today.

Bathtub refinishing in Palo Alto is a great option for porcelain, fiberglass, and other types of tubs and showers. Recent technology has helped progress professional bathtub refinishing, and One Day Bathtub Refinishing is up to date with the latest developments and application techniques.

Before & After photos from a recent job in Palo Alto

Before & after photos from a recent job in Palo Alto

The process of bathtub refinishing always involves smoothing and preparing the surface by performing bathtub chip repair, removing old caulking and thoroughly cleaning of the surface. If you have had your tub refinished in the past, an updated job will allow you to once again, revitalize the color and bring life back to your tub.

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