Fremont Bathtub Refinishing

One Day Bathtub Refinishing has worked with a number of Fremont homeowners to update their bathrooms with refinished tubs, sinks, shower pans, bath and shower tile, counter tops and more.

Compared to replacing these surfaces, refinishing can achieve virtually a new look for a portion of the price in a fraction of the time. It is also much more environmentally friendly because it takes advantage of your existing structures, rather than sending these items to a local landfill.

If you are a Fremont homeowner whose bathtub is suffering from chipping, cracking, staining, rusting, or just looks ugly, we can definitely help! All work performed by One Day Bathtub Refinishing comes with a 5 year warranty, assuming you follow these refinished bathtub cleaning and maintenance instructions.

If you are having guests over this weekend and your tub is in embarrassing shape, call us today and we can have it reglazed and ready for use in 24 hour.


Have questions about bathtub refinishing in Fremont? Check out our refinishing FAQs or contact us today at (408) 940-1025 or by email today.