Fiberglass Tub Repair

Does your fiberglass tub suffer from cracking at the bottom? Don’t replace, repair!

One Day Bathtub Refinishing are Fiberglass tub repair experts serving the South Bay Area, Peninsula, and parts of the East Bay.

On the day of your refinishing project, we will cut out the cracked bottom of the tub, reinforce, fill and sand the remaining structure, before installing a new bottom inlay.

The new bottom structure is permanently adhered to the bottom of the shower, and the adhesive we use creates an exothermic reaction which bonds the inlay to the surface of your old tub or shower.

It is completely sealed from water, as the two pieces become one, through the process of fusion.


Fiberglass Tub Repair Before & After Photos

fiberglass-tub-repair-step-1 fiberglass-tub-repair-step-7
Example of crack in fiberglass tub The completely repaired fiberglass tub!


If you would like to learn more about having your fiberglass tub or shower bottom repaired by One Day Bathtub Refinishing at (408)  940-1025 or send us an email today.