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Bath & Shower Tile Refinishing in Campbell

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One Day Bathtub Refinishing specializes in refinishing tubs, shower tile, shower pans, and countertops, and has worked with a number of Campbell homeowners to update their bathrooms. If you have recently purchased a new home, or want to update your bath and bring new life back to an older tub, we can help. We also do fiberglass tub repair, and can fix that hole in your fiberglass tub and refinish it so you can’t even tell. Redesigning your bathroom? We can refinish your tub and match whatever color you want! Or, stick with the classic white and make your tub really pop! We typically get busy around this time of year, so if you want to have your bathroom tub and shower file refinished and updated before the holidays, now is the time to get on the schedule....

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Menlo Park Bathtub & Shower Refinishing

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We have worked with numerous homeowners in Menlo Park through the process of refinishing their bathtubs, sinks, showers and shower pans. We have also refinished countertops for Menlo Park homeowners with our Granite Look service. Here are some photos of a recent tub refinishing project that took place in Menlo Park: We have before and after pictures of tub refinishing, shower pan refinishing, sink refinishing, tile refinishing and more, some of which are from homes in Menlo Park. The entire refinishing process takes a few hours, and your tub will be ready for use in 24 hours! It is a great way to eliminate stains or rust, repair cracks, and bring your tub back to the brand new look you forgot existed! To learn more or schedule refinishing in Menlo Park, Palo...

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Redwood City Bathtub Refinishing

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Here are some photos we took from a recent bath and shower refinishing project we completed in Redwood City. Bathtub and shower refinishing are a great way to assist in making over your bathroom. Change the color of the tub, shower pan, and sides to something unique, or restore the original luster of your tub. One Day Bathtub Refinishing can also repair chipping, rusting or cracking in your old tub, whether it is fiberglass, porcelain or some other material. We have worked with many homeowners in Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Menlo Park to help bring new life to their bath, and you can read happy testimonials from many of these clients on our website or Yelp page. Bathtub refinishing is a great way to fix up your house without undergoing major...

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Mountain View Bathtub Refinishing

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Our bathtub refinishing service can help you bring an old and damaged bathtub back to life, without complete replacement. If your Mountain View home or rental property’s tub is suffering from chipping, cracking, rust or other imperfections, call us as soon as possible before the problem gets worse. One Day Bathtub Refinishing has worked with numerous homeowners in the South Bay area to create the bathroom of their dreams, refinishing sinks, tubs, shower pans, countertops, and more. We can even change the color of these surfaces to something new if you plan to change the color scheme of your bathroom. Reclaimed items are in style right now, and instead of sending your old clawfoot tub to the landfill to be recycled by someone else, refinish it with One Bath...

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Sunnyvale Bathtub Refinishing

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Need a bathtub refinished in Sunnyvale? One Day Bathtub Refinishing has repaired and revitalized tubs, sinks, showerpans, counters and more for numerous Sunnyvale homeowners and landlords. Rather than replacing a tub, refinishing will allow you to make your tub work and look like new. We can even match a previous color, or change the color of your bathtub entirely to fit a new bathroom color scheme. Best of all, the entire bath tub refinishing process takes just 24 hours before you can use your tub. If your tubs is suffering from chipping, rusting or cracking, refinishing it may be the answer. We can handle fiberglass, porcelain, and other tub types as well. If you are thinking about updating the bathroom of your Sunnyvale home, takes a look at our Bathtub Before...

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Saratoga Bathtub Refinishing & Repair

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This beautiful free standing clawfoot tub was located in a home in Saratoga, and needed a bit of TLC. We refinished the tub and brought it back to life, fixing various nicks, scratches, and stains along the way. Why buy new, when you can refinish? If have questions about refinishing your bathtub in Saratoga, CA and would like to speak with our expert refinishers, please call (408)...

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